More than just a partner, a sister company

BS-Team and DBE – Dynamics Business Excellence have been working closely together since 2018. By bringing together all our technical and human skills, we cover the entire Microsoft spectrum. In this way, we offer you the opportunity to think bigger and benefit from the most effective support. With BS-Team and DBE, fully enter the Microsoft world and take your company to the top.

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Discover BS-Team

BS-Team SA is a Swiss company specialising in the integration of IT solutions, custom development and IT consulting. They support both SMEs and multinationals in the choice, implementation and customisation of software tailored to their business. With clients both in Switzerland and abroad, BS-Team can help you improve your performance and create value at every level.

Their areas of expertise


Encourage sharing between your teams


Find the ideal candidate for your IT assignments


Automate all your business processes


Optimise communication between your software


Improve the efficiency of your sales force


Customise software to meet your business needs


Gathering more relevant data


Advising and supporting you in your projects

Make the right decisions based on better information

Benefit from more accurate information about your data and bring together powerful decision-support capabilities to transform it into usable information and share it at all levels of the company using BI, Business Intelligence.

Microsoft Power BI

Easily analyse, visualise, cross-reference and share data

Jet Analytics | Jet Reports

Reliable reporting and analysis for all your data


Find information quickly and collaborate effectively within your company

Digitalise your business and discover all our technical and human skills