Easy Mecalux WMS

Warehouse management software

Optimise the competitiveness of your supply chain

Easy WMS is a powerful, versatile and flexible software package, with multi-owner, multi-site and multilingual functionalities. It simplifies and optimises the management of warehouses, whatever their size or type. The software controls, coordinates and manages all movements, processes and operations, improving performance in all areas, from order receipt to dispatch.

The Easy WMS software is a Warehouse Management System capable of managing a manual warehouse with paper or radio frequency management, a mixed warehouse or a large automated installation with the same efficiency

The benefits of Easy WMS

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability

Ability to evolve, enabling it to adjust to changes in the environment such as the integration of new technologies, fluctuations in demand, increased sales, etc.

Integration with Business Central

Facilitate coordination between processes, from production to delivery of goods to the end customer, with a solution that is perfectly integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Flow management

Ensure the smooth flow of products and information


Know the status of your stock at all times, in real time

Up to 99% error elimination
Up to 40% increase in storage capacity
Up to 30% reduction in handling operations


Get a rapid return on your investment thanks to the immediate benefits it offers

Cost reduction

Optimise the use of human resources and minimise your handling costs

Improved picking

Improve lead times and eliminate errors with high picking accuracy and speed


Accelerate decision-making with real-time performance updates by automating the flow of information and processes


Ability to adapt to new market trends, such as omnichannel strategy and e-commerce, facilitating actions such as wave picking and cross-docking

Easy WMS software in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode :

This model, based on the cloud with an entirely web-based interface, offers optimum accessibility. Depending on the level of functionality you choose, you can access Easy WMS, the various applications and updates from any browser, in complete security, and without needing to invest in a dedicated hosting infrastructure. The monthly fee also includes customer and product support. The major advantage of this solution is the significant reduction in implementation time and total cost of ownership.

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