Heal It

Complete management solution for your NGO or association

Discover Heal It, our complete management solution for your NGO or association

Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Funding contract management
  • Donor Management
  • Payment Plan
  • Contract lifecycle
  • Financial Reporting
  • Advanced analytics
  • Project Funding Tracking
  • Field Project Management
  • Budget Management
  • Request Management with Approval Flow
  • Price request management
Funding contracts

Funding contracts

  • Assignment of one or more contracts to a lessor
  • Contract term with renewal
  • Type of financing
  • Overhead management
  • Multi-currency
  • Contract status
  • Attached documents
  • Automatic generation of analytical

Life cycle

  • Management of reports to be delivered
  • Audit delivery
  • Track report and audit delivery dates
  • Delivery notification


  • Ability to automatically create the analysis section when creating the contract
  • One section per contract or one section for several contracts
  • Management of several analysis axes: Fund code, project code, activity code, …
  • Inheritance of analyses between contracts and financed projects (project task)
  • Analytical views and tables

Project funding

  • Access projects and project tasks funded directly from the contract
  • Track the amount and percentage of funding in real-time
  • Track funded amounts per project and per project task
  • Track the percentage of funding for each project
  • Automatically include overhead costs

Payment Plan

  • Access the payment plan directly from the contract
  • Tracking of payments made by the lessor
  • Tracking of due dates

Accounting records

  • Access to accounting entries directly from the contract

More and more possibilities

Managing funded projects

  • Project sheet with descriptions and attached documents
  • Project status, start and end dates
  • Analytical
  • Project tasks with :
    • Description
    • Funding amount and % funded (automatic calculation)
    • Total amount
    • Start and end date
    • Project Budget
    • Actual cost of each task
  • Allocation of requests to the project
    • Direct access to contracts
  • Project Planning

Purchase request / Price request

  • Purchase requisition management
  • Management of approval processes (multi-level)
  • Link with projects
  • Link to accounting budgets
  • Analytical distribution
  • Management of budget overruns (and overrun authorizations)
  • Supplier management
  • Transformation into price requests
  • Follow-up of price requests
  • Conversion to purchase orders

Other optional nationalities

  • Leave request management via phone application

  • Time stamp management via phone application (linked to projects)
  • Absence counter via phone application
  • Other possible applications:

    • Document capture
    • Expense report via phone application

The complete management solution for your NGO or association