Microsoft Copilot

Reinvent your business with AI Copilot

Do more and faster with an AI assistant in your applications, documents, meetings, Microsoft 365 Apps and Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot enables professionals to do their day-to-day work with the help of cutting-edge AI at their side. With Copilot in Microsoft 365 and Business Central, our customers offer their employees intuitive AI tools that allow them to be more productive with less effort, without the need to become data scientists.

Discover Microsoft Copilot

Set priorities and stay focused: Benefit more quickly from cross-application intelligence and work seamlessly with all your data
Deliver effective customer service: Get useful coaching tips for creating impactful customer communications.
Develop your customer base: Summarise, edit and write proposals and project plans with Copilot
Think faster: Analyse and export data to create resources such as visualisations and professional, high-performance project tracking.
Stay in control: Benefit from the same security, compliance and confidentiality policies in Copilot as those you have defined in Microsoft 365.

Discover the Copilot features that support you in Microsoft 365

    Collaborate more effectively

    Bring all the elements together in Teams

    Hold more effective meetings

    Start emails quickly

    Generate summaries

    Generate summaries

    Transform your document

    Converse with Copilot

    Go deeper into your data

    Focus on what’s important

    Generate formulas

    Create presentations

    Summarise your presentations

    Organise your presentations

    Discover the copilot features that will help you to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Reclaim time for important work

    In a small or medium-sized business, there’s often a lot to do and few people to help do it all, so it’s important to make the most of your limited resources to achieve your goals.

    Conversational chat using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you answer questions quickly and easily, locate records faster and even learn new skills, all using natural language.

    Save time and effort by accessing documents without having to use traditional menus, and by quickly integrating new users with answers to questions about how, when or why to do things.

    Streamline month-end tasks with improved bank reconciliation

    Reconciling bank statement transactions with your financial system has often been a tedious monthly chore. Meticulously matching each line to new or existing accounting entries takes time.

    Now, Copilot in Business Central makes bank reconciliation even easier by analysing the bank statements you import into Business Central, matching more transactions and providing entries for transactions that were not automatically matched. By comparing and interpreting transaction descriptions, amounts, dates and patterns across all areas, Copilot can help you improve the accuracy of your bank reconciliation while reducing manual effort.

    Unleash your creativity with marketing text suggestions

    Business Central’s co-pilot helps product managers save time and boost sales with compelling AI-generated marketing text suggestions.

    Using key attributes such as colour and material, Copilot can create product descriptions in seconds tailored to your preferred tone, format and length.

    Once you’ve made your adjustments, you can easily publish on Shopify or other e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks.

    Transform the way work gets done with Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Boost customer service with stock forecasting

    Reduce risk by predicting late payments

    Improve financial stability with cash flow analysis

    Work smarter with Copilot in Business Central

    Are you ready to transform the way you work?