Stay ahead of the game by managing every step of the process, from planning to production.

Designed for the fashion industry, K3 Pebblestone is an all-in-one solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

K3 Pebblestone enables forward-thinking brands to create lasting value and trust through smart, agile and sustainable business practices. Transform the fashion and select retail markets into a model of good governance, transparency and ethical sustainability.

An integrated solution for all types of fashion businesses

Find a feature-rich pre-sales tool, including

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Financial Management

    K3 Pebblestone provides you with defined parameters for seasonal collections, giving you greater insight and performance with faster decision making to dramatically improve efficiency. Pebblestone also allows you to increase design creativity while reducing costs by limiting problems such as over-development and design errors.

    • Pre-season planning for collections
    • Control the availability of items and variants throughout the various processes
    • Never out of stock
    • Granular pre-sale knowledge
    • Easily manage item phases
    • Transfer products across multiple seasons

    K3 Pebblestone saves you days of work and effort by providing aggregated views and entry capabilities. Fast and flexible matrices also allow you to seamlessly manage quantities, prices, and delivery dates.

    • Dies in different sizes and colors
    • Multiple product sizes
    • Style level
    • Easily accessible information
    • Mass changes
    • Quality control

    With K3 Pebblestone’s Product Data Management, you can accelerate time-to-market and reduce product development costs by improving design efficiency and reducing administrative overhead. You can also make proactive decisions to avoid costly delays and missed deadlines.

    • Item phase tracking for collections
    • Critical path management and visibility
    • Product data management
    • Measurement Processing
    • Measurement handling for different versions
    • Quality control remeasurement

    Sales Order provides several tools and features to increase efficiency and save time when creating a sales order. You can also use ratio curves to quickly create bulk orders and further improve your efficiency.

    • Pre-sale order
    • Ordering never out of stock
    • Simplified ordering for distributors
    • Ratio curves
    • Pre-package ordering
    • Consignment orders

    Proven fashion solution

    Fully integrated

    Suitable for all SMEs

    Worldwide distribution

      Manufacturing functionality allows you to manage manufacturing scenarios based on assembly or production BOMs. Whether you manage the entire manufacturing process or just a portion of it, you can use the comprehensive material and production planning functionality to dramatically improve your efficiency.

      Complete manufacturing

      • Production Bills of Materials for colors and sizes
      • Full material and production planning
      • Single view of orders, worksheets, and reports


      Partial Manufacturing

      • Calculate assembly BOM requirements
      • Material usage reports
      • Create purchase orders for materials

      With freight management functionality, you can easily and quickly monitor, manage, and distribute your shipments to warehouses with easy-to-use tools. You’ll have seamless access to key information about vendors, shipping routes, deadlines, and other important documents.

      • Cargo Documents
      • Cargo Status
      • Cargo routing lines
      • Cargo Packing Cards
      • Fact Box
      • Import Packing Information

      The Final Cost application provides you with various calculation templates and worksheets containing different costs, items, and margins. All these templates are flexible, so you can configure them according to your own needs. With this feature, you can easily calculate your costs and control your expenses when shipping a product.

      • Quickly calculate landed costs using templates
      • Easily calculate multiple items at once
      • Efficiently calculate landed costs by group
      • Easily update items
      • Manage calculations with multiple exchange rates
      • Manage open and closed worksheets

      Are you ready to be one step ahead of your competition with faster decision cycles?