Microsoft Power BI

Discover powerful insights and turn them into something concrete

Analyse your data and share information

Unify all your business data and obtain a global view in real time and available on all your devices with Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solution

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Centralised data

With Power BI on the web, you can track all your business activity in real time in a single dashboard, whenever and wherever you are.


Interactive reports

Power BI Desktop provides tools for transforming, analysing and visualising data, so you can share reports in seconds.

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Integration with BC

Create superb interactive reports in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution with the Power BI Embedded service.

What Microsoft Power BI can do for me

    Discover insights thanks to AI

    Transform petabytes with professional-grade semantic ingestion and modelling in a tool that can be extended to thousands of users.

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    Share insights across Microsoft solutions

    Easily integrate and share reports with your other Microsoft services, including Teams, PowerPoint, Excel and Power Platform.

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    Increase productivity with AI

    Use easy-to-use AI capabilities that can identify patterns in data, create reports instantly, provide answers and more.

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    Governance and data protection

    Meet your requirements and benefit from end-to-end visibility thanks to Microsoft governance, security and compliance.

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    Power BI + Microsoft 365 : Increased productivity

    Find out how businesses have improved productivity by combining Power BI and Microsoft 365 in The Total Economic ImpactTM study by Forrester Consulting.

    321 % return on investment over three years

    An investment repaid in less than 6 months

    38.48 million in total profits over 3 years

    Why use Microsoft Power BI

      Easily scale up or down as required

      Turn your data into visuals with advanced data analysis tools, AI capabilities and a user-friendly reporting tool.

      Fonctionnalités de Power BI

      Gather all your data

      Create datasets from any source and add them to the OneLake data hub to create a source of truth for your data.

      Fonctionnalités de Power BI

      Take advantage of your insights

      Help users make better decisions by integrating insights into the applications you use every day, like those in Microsoft 365.

      Fonctionnalités de Power BI

      Make each team responsible for data

      Change the way your organisation accesses, manages and acts on data by enabling Microsoft Fabric in your Power BI experience.

      Stay on top of changes, spot trends in real time and take your business even further.